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Interview with AllieX

Dernière mise à jour : 30 mai 2020

Occasionally, from interview to interview, you end up meeting a musician that perfectly embodies what art is about. More than a machine creating hits after hits, that person seems to give 100% of herself to every aspect of her work. Such is the case with Allie X.

Since the release of her single “Catch” in 2014, she has been grabbing the attention of the public and the critic. But it was with Super Sunset in 2018 – a total explosion of synth-pop beats, eerie vocals and mellow lyrics – that she solidified her position in the industry as a complex artist with many layers to explore.

Offering to the public a world featuring three distinct alter ego characters and recurring kaleido-scopic visuals, the Toronto artist accompanies her ever-evolving sound with requisite avant-garde visual elements. As a result, she has cultivated a portfolio that establishes her as so much more than a musician.

At the occasion of the release of her brand-new album, we took the time to catch up with her between two shows of her European tour.

Read the full interview on Dress To Kill.

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