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Say Goodbye to Basic Brunch

Great news!

No more schlepping to brunch in search of getting your bottomless mimosas and boring avocado toast. We’ve rounded up some new locals  that offer innovative formulas that will surely excite your senses and might very well, blow your mind.

Fiorellino Snackbar

At Fiorellino, there are no rules that say that you can’t start your day with a pizza, especially when it’s that delicious. In fact, one of their brunch options, the Pizza Carbonara, is a festival of awesomeness topped with runny egg yolk. If your heart and stomach belong to the sweet side,  you’ll be happy to know that they also serve pancakes (with Amaro butter), Nutella and apricot bomboloni, along with and French toast made with panettone (Italian sweet bread).

Every meal is fresh, with well balanced flavours and the right textures (because  who wants mushy pancakes), leaving you satiated but excited at the thought of coming back very soon.

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