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Don't Drink Alone Scarlett

Dernière mise à jour : 6 mars 2019

In defence of drinking alone

A few weeks ago, I found myself taking part to a day trip with other fellow writers. On our way to our destination, we decided to engage in a discussion evolving around our drinking habits. As someone who likes to expose her daily life on social media, I often post my #drinkofthenight on Instagram, which I usually paired with a music record or book according to my mood.

For me, this is a moment of pure selfishness. It is my reward for a long day at work and the only time I spend without looking at my phone and envying the fake life of others. It's my well deserved "me time".

So you can easily imagine my suprise when one girl in the group couldn't help but express how sad it all looked to her. "I could never drink alone like you do. For me, it is something social that has to be shared with others. I just don't see the point". I simply smiled, flipped my hair like I often do when I feel uncomfortable and changed the subject.

Looking back, I should have stood for myself. I should have told her that for me, it is all about the moment. And enjoying every single part of it until the last drop. My drinking time is about putting myself first and there is absolutely nothing sad or lonely about it.

According to Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts In a World That Can’t Stop Talking, we are inclined—without good reason—to view those who often choose to spend time alone over spending time with others as anti-social and shy. The same inclination might be responsible for us viewing solo drinkers with suspicion. In other words, loners doing activity often perceived as social ones will forever be judged.

If you feel like breaking the stigma and trying for yourself, here is my usual solo drinking selection:

Lagavulin Double Matured -$152

A friend of mine recommended it and I am forever grateful. Bold, smooky and beautiful. Absolutely worth the splurge.

Ruinart Brut -$82

I buy champagne when I am happy, when I am feeling sad, when I have something to celebrate or when I feel like turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. Among my friends, I am known as the girl who carries champagne in her purse and this one is my absolute go-to.

Reyka Vodka -$47

I recently fell back in love with vodka, mostly thanks to this beauty from Iceland. Super smooth on its own and perfect for cocktails as well. Cool factor alert, it is filtered with lava rock.

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